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Clementine and Lee


Clementine and Lee

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Anonymous said: I would have picked the hat… I'am a bad person:-D

It is a very special hat that has been around longer than Luke in terms of a relationship with Clementine.

Having puked in the middle of campus two hours ago I realize how much Christa’s a badass because in Around Every Corner, she threw up and then went on with her merry fucking way. Here I am after puking and crying like a helpless creature vegetating on a couch unable to do anything but listen to podcasts on my phone and scroll on my tumblr app.

Anonymous said: What if you got the chose, to save Luke or Clem's hat under the water? What would you choose

So my choice is between Luke, a human being, and Clementine’s hat, a priceless memento? It’s gonna be Luke.

This doesn’t surprise me at all.

This doesn’t surprise me at all.

Anonymous said: And here we see a group of the majestic creatures known as Kenny Fuckers. They all seem to be getting ready to do their mating ritual. The Kenny Fuckers swim out to sea in search of their illusive mate, random boats. Only the angriest Kennys will survive long enough to reach their destination. But it will be worth it when they make beautiful duck/boat hybrids.

Funny. I always thought Kennys would have symbiotic relationships with ducks.

zealotarchaeologist said: 'a group of kenny fuckers' makes it sound like there's a pack of them, wandering out in the woods or something.

They swarm in groups called Wellingtons. You can here them cry out a mating call that commonly sounds much like the English word “boat”.

Anonymous said: Is there any Arvo/Kenny smut to be specific?

That sounds pretty gross to me. I don’t search for smut so I really wouldn’t know.

Anonymous said: Do you think there is Kenny smut

I don’t think. I know. There is definitely Kenny smut. If a group of Kenny fuckers exist out in the world, there must be Kenny smut.?